Tim Kaine Endorsement.png

Senator Tim Kaine

"I'm proud to endorse Jennifer Woofter for the House of Delegates in the 22nd District. Jennifer is the kind of practical change-maker we need: adept at solving tough problems, eager to listen, and ready to fight for her community. I encourage you to get out and vote for her on November 5."

End Citizens United Endorsement (1).png


We're proud to announce Local Alliance for Urban and Rural Advancement LAURA PAC Group has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for the Virginia House of Delegates! LAURA PAC works to advance Progressive candidates at the local & state level in urban & rural areas, creating a competitive environment at the local level, turning red areas purple, and purple areas blue.

Planned Parenthood Endorsement.png

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate, based on Jennifer's commitment to women's health and equality. She knows that individuals and families have the right to make their own informed healthcare and reproductive choices.

IBEW Endorsement.png

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

We're thrilled to announce that the IBEW Local Union 26 has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate! IBEW supports candidates that fight to eliminate wage theft and misclassification, and support project labor agreements, prevailing wages, and best value bidding. We know that construction jobs are *and should continue to be* a pathway to the middle class.

Coalition to End Gun Violence.png

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

We are proud to share that The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate. CSGV seeks to prevent gun violence through data-driven policy development and aggressive advocacy. CSGV is a thought leader in the modern gun violence prevention movement.

CWA Endorsement.png

Communication Workers of America

The Communications Workers of America has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate! The CWA represents 700,000 workers in private and public sector employment. CWA members work in telecommunications and information technology, the airline industry, news media, broadcast and cable television, education, health care and public service, law enforcement, manufacturing and other fields.

AFL-CIO Endorsement.png

Virginia AFL-CIO

We are proud to announce that the Virginia AFL-CIO has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate. The AFL-CIO supports candidates who prioritize the health and well-being of working families. A “family-friendly economy” is the heart of our platform and we could not be more excited to fight for living wage jobs, access to affordable healthcare, and investment in technical and vocational training pathways.

People Power Virginia Endorsement.png

People Power Virginia

People Power Virginia is a political action committee (PAC) that supports candidates who care about responsible energy infrastructure, improving ecological health and the climate, protecting first amendment rights and climate disobedience, and promoting good governance.

VA Dem Women's Caucus Endorsement.png

Virginia Democratic Women's Caucus

The Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate. The Caucus supports Democratic women who aspire to public office and work to raise awareness of women’s issues.

NOW Endorsement.png

National Organization for Women

The Political Action Committee of the Virginia Chapter of the National Organization for Women is pleased to endorse Jennifer Woofter for Delegate, based on our legislative priorities for ratification of the ERA, support for reproductive rights and access to healthcare for girls and women, non-discrimination policies for the LGBTQ community, passing gun safety protections, stopping sexual and domestic violence and working for equal pay.

1Planet Endorsement.png


Jennifer Woofter has received 1Planet's endorsement for the 2019 Virginia General Assembly election. 1Planet is a 501c(4) organization which works to create climate voters through education, advocacy, and electoral activism. 1Planet endorses candidates who show serious commitment to addressing the climate crisis.

ROSEL's List Endorsement.png

ROSEL’s List

We are thrilled to announce that we've been endorsed by ROSEL's List, our community's preeminent resource for women in politics. Named after Lynchburg matriarch Rosel Schewel, ROSEL's List is a tremendous force in our community. It's mission is to identify, mentor and elect women to positions of leadership in Central Virginia and statewide.

Indivisible Endorsement.png

Indivisible Lynchburg

We are proud to announce that Indivisible Lynchburg has endorsed Jennifer Woofter for Delegate. Indivisible is a nationwide movement of thousands of volunteer-led local groups that engage in progressive advocacy and electoral work at the local, state, and federal level. Their mission is to cultivate a grassroots movement to elect progressive leaders, realize bold progressive policies and rebuild our democracy.

VOTE PROCHOICE Endorsement.png


Jennifer Woofter for Delegate has been endorsed by #VOTEPROCHOICE, a national political organizing project and technology platformed connecting the nation’s prochoice majority voters with prochoice champion candidates in every election. #VOTEPROCHOICE endorses candidates that are committed to fight for a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions.

PCCC Endorsement.png

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Jennifer is proud to be endorsed by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. PCCC - BoldProgressives.org identifies candidates around the country who are committed to taking on economic and social inequality and fighting for the needs of working families.

Moms Demand Distinction.png

Moms Demand Action

Jennifer Woofter for Delegate has received the 2019 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. It is a signal to supporters, volunteers and voters across the country that a candidate stands for gun violence prevention and will govern with gun safety in mind.


Run for Something

We've been endorsed by Run for Something! RFS supports young, diverse, progressive candidates who are ready to bring change to their districts. RFS candidates win because they run grassroots-powered campaigns focusing on local issues -- we couldn't agree more.


Virginia’s List

We are thrilled to receive an endorsement from Virginia's List! Virginia's List focuses on progressive women, and envisions a Commonwealth where women have an equal voice at the decision-making table — in the General Assembly and in statewide elected offices.

Leap Forward Endorsement.png

Leap Forward

LEAP Forward is proud to endorse Jennifer Woofter for Delegate, District 22. LEAP Forward looks for candidates who acknowledge that the status quo is untenable, who understand that this is a political problem that can be solved by political means, and who are unafraid to make gun safety a key part of their platform. In this regard, Jennifer Woofter is well-positioned to lead on these important conversations in her district and in the state legislature.”