Priorities for the 22nd District

Political grandstanding has no place here. Instead, we're focused on practical legislative issues that will put food on the table today and create prosperity for our communities tomorrow. There is no secret bullet -- it's about smart economic policy that protects the middle class and drives innovation, social policy that promotes health and education, and governance that is transparent and accountable.

Local Economic Development

Virginia is thriving: we have a revenue windfall and the future looks bright. Now, we must make strategic decisions to ensure that every region of the state reaps the benefits of long-term investments in infrastructure, education, and innovation. We need someone who will fight for our communities, not simply vote for laws that benefit corporations who write the biggest check.

Affordable Access to Healthcare

A single medical emergency shouldn’t drive a family into bankruptcy. The costs of routine medical procedures shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery. Patients fighting cancer shouldn’t have to drive more than 75 miles round trip for radiation treatment. Expanding access to Medicaid in 2019 was a huge step forward, but we need to do more to improve the delivery, quality, accessibility, and cost effectiveness of today’s healthcare.

Expanding Broadband Internet Access

With 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic flowing through Northern Virginia, it’s time to make broadband access a reality across the entire Commonwealth. The slow pace of broadband expansion is a drag on local economic development and hurts our ability for innovation in areas like education and telemedicine. Without significant and aggressive investment in broadband, we can’t compete.

Next Generation Education

An estimated 65 percent of kids in elementary school today will ultimately work in jobs that don’t exist yet. We need education pathways (like an emphasis on STEM, innovation and entrepreneurship) that prepare them for a rapidly changing future where skills and job requirements can shift every five years. Affordable and accessible higher education is one way to get there – whether that’s in a 4-year degree program, at a community college, or in a technical training or apprenticeship program.

Redistricting Reform in 2020

Both Republicans and Democrats do it –once they get into power, they deliberately manipulate the legislative district boundaries to stay in power. It’s called gerrymandering, and it’s got to stop. Citizens should pick their representatives, not the other way around. It’s a conflict of interest for the legislature to draw its own district lines, which is why we need to move to a nonpartisan, independent process.

Getting Smart on Gun Sense

There are few topics more polarizing than gun rights. But studies show that we are more united than meets the eye. There are plenty of common-sense steps we can take right now to reduce unintended gun violence. Things like tax breaks for gun safes, restraining orders that stop domestic abusers and those in mental crisis from getting guns, and universal background checks. These issues have wide support across party lines.