Individuals vs. Corporations - Who "Owns" a Politician

I was looking at the public fundraising numbers, and my opponent has raised more than $94,000 this year. But only 1% has come from individuals -- the rest has come from corporations and "other" sources. That's insurance companies, payday lenders, tobacco companies, and Dominion Energy sending thousands of dollars straight into her campaign coffers.

That's a striking contrast to this campaign, where 100% of our campaign funding has come from individuals, including more than $28,000 that we've raised from small dollar donors (those giving less than $100).

Our next fundraising deadline is midnight on Sunday -- less than three days away. Please consider supporting our campaign with a contribution of $10, $20, $50 or $100.

Make Your Donation Now

It seems like every politician says that "it's up to you" but in our case, it's really true. We are counting on you to help us win this election.

And when we do, I'll be directly accountable to you -- not a list of corporations.

Thank you!