What the climate crisis means for Virginia (hint: it's not just an environmental problem)

This past week the eastern part of the United States (including Virginia) experienced record breaking temperatures. Everywhere you looked were warnings to stay inside, hydrate, limit time outdoors, and shelter pets from the heat.

And then, just when the heat broke, we had back-to-back severe thunderstorms that brought down trees and power lines all over the district.

This is our new normal.

The climate crisis means hotter summers, more extreme rainfall patterns (more drought and deluge cycles), and more damaging tornadoes and hurricanes. It means:

  • more blackouts and resulting loss of property (mostly refrigerated foods and medicine)

  • more heat-related injuries and deaths (especially for children, the elderly, and the infirm) -- see this weekend's news of 20 people (including children) being treated for heat-related illness at a swim meet in Bedford

  • unpredictable planting seasons for farmers (and therefore higher food prices)

  • more school disruptions as kids are sent home on extra-hot days (or the entire school day is cancelled because our aging school infrastructure can't keep classrooms at a reasonable temperature)

  • more wear and tear on our homes and our municipal infrastructure (and more road closures for repair, and therefore more pressure to increase taxes to cover those costs)

  • more travel delays, as airports, roads and rail tracks are impacted by extreme weather (both during storms and after)

In short, it's going to impact every area of our lives.

As a sustainability consultant, I have been working on climate-related issues for the last 20 years. I know that we have technology, policy, regulation and innovation that can help our communities adapt to intense climate pressures in the coming years. I'm ready to talk science and pragmatic problem-solving. My opponent is not.

If you believe we need to take the climate crisis seriously, and that we need people who understand science in leadership roles, please help us win this campaign by making a contribution of $10, $20, $50 or $100.

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We are almost certain to have more extreme heat days in the coming weeks. Remember to stay safe and remember what we're fighting for!

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