When I feel discouraged

Campaigning is tough--physically, mentally and emotionally. And this was a hard week.

The most recent campaign finance filings came out, and we were out-raised by our opponent. Yup, she raked in $17,572 in June, compared to our $13,642.

Now, it's frustrating to be out-raised. But what makes me fighting mad is that 100% of her money came from corporations and PACs. Not a single individual person made a contribution to her campaign fund.

Her donors are big corporations that throw money to long-serving incumbents--not because they support her policies or believe she is doing a good job--but because it greases the wheels of politics.

Don't get me wrong, we made a good showing. More than 90 people made an individual contribution to our campaign during the month of June, including 75 people who made small-dollar contributions of less than $100.

That's what politics is supposed to look like--campaigns powered by grassroots support, with real people chipping in to rally behind a candidate who will fight for them.

We have got to elect people who understand that big corporate money in politics is killing our democracy and drowning out the will of the people.

To change Virginia's campaign finance laws, we must first win this election. Will you be part of this fight by making a campaign contribution of $10, $20, $50or $100?

Make Your Donation Now

We have 16 weeks to go until the election. If each person on this mailing list donates $5/week, we could raise more than $96,000. That would be less than half of what our opponent has in the bank, but it would cover our two major expenses (paying our staff a living wage and printing/postage costs). Every little bit helps, and we are so appreciative of your generosity!

Thank you,